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A science-based, "whole body approach" to health and healing.

Why Dr. Meschi

Proven Unique Approaches to Individualized Programs

Dr. Meschi provides individualized nutritional programs based on specific conditions by taking an evidence-based approach and looking at the body as a whole. He uses preventative modalities along with addressing the root cause of an individual’s health challenges versus traditional medical care, where the symptoms are treated and potentially masked or overlooked. Dr. Meschi’s specialized modality provides a comprehensive nutritional evaluation, supplementation and detoxification for whole body wellness.

Dr. Meschi takes a different approach by first analyzing the client’s previous medical history and body’s fluids (Blood, Saliva and Urine), to create a comprehensive evaluation of the client. By setting a benchmark to work from, he is able to efficiently and effectively target areas of concern. Once his program has begun, he then monitors progress with continued testing to verify that his modality is working for the specific individual rather than what may work for an entire population. One of Dr. Meschi’s biggest differentiators is the amount of time spent with a client to gain a full understanding of his or her lifestyle, environmental, and health factors. This attention to detail and investment of time allows Dr. Meschi to clinically identify any illnesses and/or potential diseases more effectively than most in his field.

Why Holistic Medicine vs Conventional Medicine?

Dr. Meschi believes that both have their rightful place in wellness. He believes in a practice that integrates the best aspects of both to achieve the most beneficial results. While a majority of ailments can be prevented and treated with holistic medicine, there are cases where the technology of conventional medicine can aid in the treatment process. Whereas a purely holistic doctor or medical doctor may want to go their respective routes, Dr. Meschi takes the route that is best and least invasive for the individual.

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