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a leader for 20 years with experience in concept and application of Functional Medicine to heal the body holistically. Here we utilize state-of-the-art, Evidence-based non-invasive alternative testing techniques to detect the underlying causes of illness, and painless, drug-free protocols to help you heal naturally. Because we also incorporate allopathic tests from your medical doctors, such as blood work, ultrasounds and scans when necessary to chart your healing progress, we are able to work hand-in-hand with traditional medical doctors such as oncologists and other specialists. We practice evidence-based traditional naturopathy, and other evidence-based natural supplements and techniques that view the body as a whole, rather than the sum of its parts, and address causes rather than symptoms.


Doctor Ali Meschi has cultivated and refined his evidence based functional medicine and 100% natural cancer approach with The National Cancer Institute; The Office Of Cancer Complementary & Alternative Medicine, O.C.C.A.M. since 2007. This collaboration between cancer researchers and CAM Practitioners entails bilateral cooperation for the advancement of science in non-toxic natural cancer therapy. This natural and effective research driven cancer therapy is described as The Best Cancer Case.


While we are located in Laguna Hills, CA and have many patients throughout Orange County, we also serve Los Angeles and San Diego counties, as well as clients across the U.S. via the phone and Internet. We offer science/clinically-based, safe and effective nutrition through counseling in proper and varied whole food dietary habits, healthy lifestyle recommendations, and nutrient-rich, plant-based herbal supplements. Dr. Meschi has been practicing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) since its introduction at Harvard University in the early 1990s. His experience is deep and varied, including long-term work with clients challenged by different types of cancer, hormonal issues, menopause, asthma, digestive disorders, heartburn, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, arthritis, autism, ADD and ADHD.


At the foundation of Dr. Meschi’s whole body approach is the deeply held belief that every one of us has the ability to heal naturally, from the inside out, if supported with the right holistic therapies and nutritional tools.


Listen to Dr. Meschi’s appearance on Dr. Iris Rosenfeld bimonthly Radio Show: “Attitude Adjustment“:


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A. Meschi, PhD, CNC, BCIM

Board Certified Integrative Medicine

Meet Dr. Meschi

Having healed from cancer himself by Functional Medicine approaches and application, Dr. Meschi is a testament to restoring health by working with the body’s natural healing mechanisms using: “hormonal blockade” therapy, non-invasive “complete body detox” and the highest quality nutritional supplements.


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