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Thermography is an FDA approved device for diagnosis of breast cancer and other maladies in the body in conjunction with conventional modalities such as Ultrasound, MRI, Ct-Scan, Pt-Scan, biopsy, etc. By detecting heat signatures through the skin, areas of inflammation can be easily identified. These areas of inflammation are typically organs or parts of the body that are not functioning properly and can then be treated. Another use for thermography is the early detection of cancer. By finding hot and cold spots, clusters of abnormal cells can be detected before any symptoms occur leading to much more effective treatment. It has been shown that thermography may detect cellular abnormalities earlier than other traditional methods. There are also no side effects or risks as it is completely radiation free. It is also worth noting that thermography is one of the leading preventative modalities in Germany (Where it was originally developed, other parts of Europe, Japan and many other countries worldwide.

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