Here’s just a sample of what our patients say*

Dr. Meschi,

This time last year I began seeing you. My parents had been referred to him many years ago, and strongly urged me to see him for my health concerns. I was dealing with various health issues but my main concern pertained to a hormonal imbalance I was dealing with. I began taking some of his supplements right away and started the “Detox Program” a few weeks after my initial visit. I noticed a significant difference right away, and began feeling better. I shared my experience with several of my friends who also were able to see Dr. Meschi as patients and have their own positive experience.

About four months ago I had the privilege of working a few days a week in the office, during which time I met many of you. Recently we moved to Tennessee, and I was disappointed to leave the office and the relationships that I had built in that short time. However, I will continue to help with the newsletter each month and look forward to staying connected that way. What a blessing Dr. Meschi has been to so many of my friends and family. My husband, Trent, began to see him several months ago for his own health concerns and has experienced tremendous improvement. We often thank God for our doctor and the many lives he helps and touches everyday. No matter where we live, he will always be our doctor!*

Amy M.


Dr. Meschi,

I have been diabetic for 34 years, and I came to Dr. Meschi 6 years ago. Although I had done everything I knew how to do through Juice Plus+ and good nutrition, I didn’t have enough energy and thought that maybe some of my organs had been affected by the disease. My goal was to take corrective action, check risk factors, and improve my quality of life.

Because I thought diabetes was my biggest concern, I was surprised to learn that my liver function was extremely low and greatly impacting my diabetes. Bringing my liver back into function corrected many things. Dr. Meschi not only addresses one issue but how it impacts other areas of the body and how they all work together. My thyroid was extremely erratic and I had been on many different thyroid medications since I was 8 yrs. old. Thankfully, now I’m only taking natural thyroid, and have no need for prescription thyroid medication! With Dr. Meschi’s help and expertise, I have cut my insulin by a tremendous amount. I now take 1/3 of what I used to and my blood sugars are much more stable. We have also seen a dramatic reduction of the breast cancer markers in my blood. Since I lost my mom and aunt to breast cancer, I’m at high risk. Thanks to Dr. Meschi, my risk continues to decrease and the release from that fear impacts my life in more ways than I can explain.

Dr. Meschi is a doctor who truly cares and gives sacrificially to help his patients get well and heal. I see him as God’s medical partner, a natural healer who reflects God’s heart and wants us to be whole. I am most grateful for his caring, loving heart, his availability, and how he treats us like people, not patients, numbers, or files. He’s as concerned about our bodies being well as we are — maybe even more so!

I see my choice to be a patient of Dr. Meschi’s as an investment rather than a cost because this is the only body I have and if it breaks down, I have no other place to live! I am more than willing to invest money in staying well, rather than bearing the pain and cost of being sick. That just makes total sense to me! Anyone who has lost their health knows that it’s impossible to put a price on wellness, quality of life and spending good healthy years with the people you love. There is nothing more precious in life than that. Dr. Meschi has played a huge role in improving my quality of life and in giving me some of the best years of my life. I could never adequately express my deep gratitude for his friendship, wisdom and healing gifts!*

Wendy B.
Garden Grove, CA


Dr. Meschi,

I would like to take a moment and thank you for the good health I am enjoying since starting my change in health care. My blood sugar is staying within the normal range, my heart is in rhythm, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides are coming into range. I thought I had been taking the right vitamins and minerals. I want to express my thanks for working with the family doctors to get back the health I want. Thanks for my future health!*

Laguna Niguel, CA


Dear Dr. Meschi,

I wanted to write to you about the great improvement I have had with my health since I started seeing you and taking the supplements. My cholesterol has gone down from 229 to between 190 and 200. That is something I tried to do for so long. I have also lost 24 pounds and I feel great. I also found out from you that my thyroid was on the low side but now it is in the normal range. I understand that natural healing is a process and I look forward to the future continued improvement of my health and good nutrition practices, with your guidance.*

Judy M.
Yorba Linda, CA


Dr. Meschi helped me a lot with several different health problems. My main concern was a uterine growth that disappeared on my 3rd month on his recommendations, food supplements, and special diet. My 3rd ultrasound on the 3rd month, was completely normal. I also was not aware that I had low thyroid. My last blood test has revealed that my thyroid is completely normal. I have several friends that are on thyroid medication and I did not want to be one of them. Luckily, Dr. Meschi caught a problem with my thyroid before it had a chance to develop into a more serious problem. Thank you, Dr. Meschi. I will continue to refer clients to your practice on an ongoing basis.*

Michelle M.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


Dear Dr. Meschi

It has been almost six months since our first meeting, and I have you to thank for getting my health back.

As you know, for over a year and a half, I suffered ill health due to a misdiagnosed burst appendix. Because of this, my health went down hill and my recovery was horrendous. I suffered from bacterial infections that affected my joints, and viral infections that affected my skin and other organs, each of which were also misdiagnosed!

My Doctor told me that I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis even though my test results stated otherwise. I was told I would need to take the drug “Plaquenil” for the rest of my life for the pain – but be sure to get regular eye exams because the toxicity from these pills could cause blindness!!! There was NOTHING wrong with my eyes at the time!. Then I was told that I had an allergic reaction to my washing powder (one, I had used for years) that was causing my unsightly rashes and was advised to take an array of antihistamines. All of which aggravated my problem. I didn’t buy what my Doctors were saying and a red flag went up after their last diagnosis. When I suggested alternative therapy for my problems, their reply was “those Therapists are a bunch of fruit loops they think everything can be cured via vitamins!” From that point, I was bound and determined to seek an alternative approach to my recovery, and did not let that remark sway my decision.

Of course I will be honest, I tried to self-diagnose myself via the internet and spent hundreds of dollars at the local Vitamin store in hopes of combating my health issues, however, this proved to be expensive and nothing was alleviating my conditions, just masking them.

That’s when one lonely afternoon, I was having a major relapse with my health, my skin was raw and I had been a recluse in my very own home during warm days because the sun would aggravate my skin. I honestly thought I would never be healthy again and be able to play with my only daughter outside like other mothers, something that depressed me beyond words. I happened to pick up the Yellow Pages directory, just to see if “Naturopaths” were advertised. I knew that this was the way I wanted to go for my recovery. To my, surprise there you were. I decided to call, and I spoke to an employee in your office who the most heart warming voice out of any front office receptionist I have ever come into contact with. She was informative, she was kind and above all she was very pleasant, a huge incentive in my decision to become a patient. I made my appointment, with which I was totally excited and couldn’t wait to be seen.

I had the pleasure of meeting you on May 12, 2005. I found you to be the most delightful Doctor I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I was in complete awe of your genuine concern for me. I was given ample time to sit and discuss my health issues with you. You never gave me the feeling that I was just another patient, you never rushed me through my initial consultation, you educated me and you gave me new hope.

From the results of my blood tests, you found me to be of a highly toxic state, my elimination organs were congested and I was under nourished. You began my treatment: with various supplements, and a change in dietary habits, which made a huge impact on my health alone. After a month I graduated to the “full body detox” a treatment that has been influential in restoring my health. Since then I have never looked back. My skin condition has improved 90% and my aching joints are a thing of the past.

Dr. Meschi, I’m sure I am not the only person who has said this, you have given me my life back. It is hard to find the level of care and compassion you have shown me these last few months and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is no question, I am confident that I will continue to be a patient of yours for years to come.

I will be forever grateful to you and thank God everyday for the Yellow Pages!!

With very best wishes now and always,*
Pamela L.
Trabuco Canyon


Hello everyone,

Well, here we are in the middle of March (nearly). It’s been about 5 months since I last updated you on what’s happening with me.

I continue my twice daily meditations, weekly massage with Kimberly, weekly chiropractic treatment with Dr. Asch, weekly Reiki healing with Ruth, and, currently, twice monthly sessions with naturopath Dr. Meschi. I am now working with Randy Karas, an anatomical therapist, every other week.

Meditation and prayer continue to begin and end my day. I am learning a great deal about myself in many aspects through this. The Reiki treatments contain a portion that runs a parallel with the spiritual issues that are part of meditation and prayer.

With Dr. Asch’s guidance, I do an exercise called the “cross crawl pattern”. I do it either lying on my back or standing. I also do a “nerve-aerobic” exercise that is a tremendous challenge for the brain and its ability to coordinate eye-body responses. Additionally I do hand strengthening exercises. My hand strength has increased from 50+ pounds of “squeeze” in each hand to, on average, 75+ pounds in the left hand and 89+ pounds in the right hand. My goal is 100+ in both hands.

My work Dr. Meschi continues in much the same manner as before. I take a variety of supplements, go in for monthly blood tests (to check on various aspects of body chemistry), and have twice monthly detox sessions. There are positive results showing up in the blood tests.

Over the past several months, I have learned fairly dramatically my need for timely eating of food, especially, it seems, of foods that have protein. I need to drink more water (but, heavens, will I make it to the nearest restroom on tine.!!???). Mostly, I have become perhaps “hyper”-aware of the contents of all foods that I eat. On my “NO” list: soy products, hydrogenated oils, canola oil, a variety of other oils, an endless variety of “additives”. On my “YES” list: almost anything “organic” and fresh.

Through Dr. Meschi’s recommendation, I am now working Randy Karas, an anatomical therapist, every other week. The exercise regimens he has put me on have had a positive impact on me physically and emotionally. Just doing the exercises gives me a feeling of empowerment, an emotional boost to begin with. But, it is more than just doing the exercises. I feel strength, balance, and coordination returning, little by little. The closest I can come in describing Randy’s work with me is to refer you to a. book, Pain Free, by Pete Escogue. The book will give you an idea of the kinds of exercises Randy has chosen for me in our first three sessions.

I continue to go weekly for massage treatments. An added bonus now is that the massage therapist and Randy have begun the communication process that will enable her to adjust her work on my body.

Now, among the questions in my mind after these several months: Was I properly diagnosed in August? or, If I were, have the efforts of the “team” been successful in reversing PD (which is not supposed to be possible)? I don’t have the qualifications to answer the questions. Neither do I intend to use valuable positive/heating energy going back to the diagnosing doctor to go through what I would imagine to be a “defense” of the original diagnosis. Through the nutritional analysis provided by Dr. Meschi, I found that I was malnourished in a variety of ways (though malnourished might not be how you might describe how my body appeared). I’ve done some research that enabled me to read that certain consequences of B-12 deficiency mimic the symptoms of PD. Add the nutrition deficiencies to toxins in my body and ineffective eating habits, and one finds a strong foundation for seeing a non-PD diagnosis.

My work with Randy has further opened my eyes to the consequences of anomalies in muscle use patterns, particularly as many of those movements relate to nearly 50 years of playing violin. (The massage therapist has held a similar position, although not with quite the degree of specificity.) This has provided additional challenges to the original PD diagnosis.

All in all, it is quite an intricate puzzle I am in the middle of It is my GREAT good fortune to have been guided to the “team” that is helping me work through this chapter of my life’s story.

And, yes, I continue to be better. I have more strength, stamina, agility, and speed. I must continue to be aware of nutrition intake, fatigue, and “tense” environments, for they play roles in how I feel.

Am I “perfectly” “normal”? Not quite yet. I intend to be though!!*
Take care, all.

Mr. Donald A.
Irvine, CA


Its having been a while since I last updated you on my state of health, I thought I would bring you up to date as of the beginning of November (sort of). Please make nothing of my silence, for we have been busily involved with a variety of things in our lives here.

Having been diagnosed as possibly (probably?) being in the early stages of Parkinson’s, or at least with “parkinsonism”, I have sought alternatives to the “traditional” allopathic “Western”) approach. The research I did led me to the conclusion that positive alternative choices do exist. Now, in early November, my activities include twice daily meditations, weekly massage, weekly chiropractic treatment, weekly Reiki healing, and, currently, twice weekly sessions with a naturopathy doctor. On Sunday, I met with two yoga health doctors from India whose work includes using yoga with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders, as well as other diseases. (They were here for a biofeedback conference and staying with some friends of ours, who arranged for this opportunity to meet them.)

My meditations are at the core of my personal endeavor. Without them, the other activities would have little cohesion for me. Among the affirmations that I use daily, hourly, whenever I can do it is “Thy healing energy continues to flow through my body”.

In my Reiki sessions, as I lie on a massage table, the healer_ uses traditional hand positions at key body locations (chakras). There is a vibrant heat that emanates from her hands. I have my eyes closed, focusing my attention on a spot between the eyebrows (the spiritual eye). Following the hands-on portion of the session, she talks to me about what she “saw” during the healing. This is highly metaphoric “stuff”, not “directly” focusing on “illness” as such, rather looking at “larger” emotional/spiritual contexts of one’s life. Since some aspects of “illness” are a result of some energy/spirit blockages/malfunctions, it can be (and!, has been for me) very beneficial to closely examine this aspect of one’s state. I always leave the sessions feeling immensely calmed, serene, hopeful, quietly focused.

My work with Dr. Ali Meschi has been very informative, helpful. From the beginning, when he had me discontinue my self-prescribed vitamin and mineral regimen, I have observed a gradual reduction in the symptoms that led to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. After having had a urine test, a rather more complex blood test than I have had before, and hair analysis, I came to understand that I have some sizable toxicity levels in my body and, surprise to me, rather significant nutritional. deficiencies. So, now I am taking approximately a dozen supplements (of nutritional and cleansing nature. My eating “habits” have also changed a great deal.

At the moment, I am going in twice a week for detoxification treatments (of three parts). The first consists of my lying on a “hard” bed, with my feet elevated and resting on a back-and-forth rotating device (an adaptation of an ancient Japanese healing technique, if I understood correctly). This phase lasts for at least five minutes (now it is ten minutes). When that is finished, I go directly to a sauna (125 – 130 degrees) for about 30 minutes. After I dry off and change back into my “street clothes”, I go to another room for the third phase, the detox phase itself. Putting my feet into a 20 quart wash basin filled about half full, I begin the ionic exchange detox process. Holding onto two charged metal rods, with a device in the water, the clear water soon begins to discolor. There is a chart that enables one to know the kinds of “stuff” that is coming through the skin of the feet. (There is a picture of this process on Dr. Meschi’s website, www.MyHolisticDr.com I always feel better once I finish this treatment.

Through Dr. Meschi’s recommendation, I am now seeing a very “straight-arrow” chiropractor. I have seen him twice and have been impressed at how quickly he was able to observe and then remedy certain muscle weaknesses, simply by realigning processes. He is a “fighter” and has promised to push me to make sure I do everything I can to physically rehabilitate myself, to overcome some poor habits.

I am working daily with hand, arm, and leg strengthening practices he has shown me. There is some evidence that, under certain specific circumstances, chiropractic treatment can reverse the progress of PD.

Use Google: chiropractic and Parkinson’s.

I go weekly for massage treatments. These treatments last an hour and a half. Again, I always feel relief, calming, quiet focus as I leave.

On Sunday, I learned some breathing techniques and some Hatha Yoga procedures that have been used for a variety of purposes, some of them with regard to Parkinson’s. When the doctors return to India, they will. contact me to let me know of knowledgeable yoga practitioners in our area. Just because someone says that know yoga doesn’t mean that they know the complex medical consequences of all that yoga involves.

So, now after that long explanation, the question is: Am I better or not? The answer is yes. I am a mite distrustful of my own observations, for fear that I may be overly optimistic or pessimistic, depending on whatever causes one to have an opinion. I can say that I see myself as walking/moving faster and with greater ease. My walk and movements (especially on the left side) are not perfect, without flaw. BUT, I am better. The facial mask seems less observable, although I do admit to being very self-conscious about it. My violin playing is better, but still nowhere near being “recognizable” as being “me”. I move more quickly when getting out of a car, when eating, etc. Others , in unsolicited comments, have told me that they have seen remarkable improvements … in movement, in facial appearance, in my handwriting, in my greater ease of movement.

(I conclude I am not totally delusional then.)

Do I “worry”? At times, yes, particularly when in a hyper-aware state of observing this, that, or another “twinge” that I don’t remember feeling before, or when a physical action (that I haven’t done in recent weeks) seems a bit less than graceful. I am often reminded by all the readings that state very bluntly that there is no cure for Parkinson’s.

My antidote is to remind myself that I have an incredible team of supportive individuals and family, each of which is enabling me to meet the challenges of whatever is going on in me. I have “pep talks” with myself regarding strengthening of faith and courage, staying positive (particularly a challenge if I get really tired).

Please pardon the length of this. I didn’t know how else to convey “what’s happening”. I hope this gives you a picture of “reality” as best I can relate it.

Take care, all.*
Donald A.
Irvine, CA


I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid over ten years ago and experienced all of its awful side effects as well as continual adjustments to my synthetic thyroid medication. It seemed all of my ailments were contributed to my thyroid disease and more medication was recommended. Being an athlete, this did not settle well with me and certainly effected my performance.

Finally, I decided I had enough with medication and wanted to find out what were the contributing factors to things such as anxiety, major fatigue and depression. I was introduced to Dr. Meschi by a friend who highly recommended him. It was a difficult decision to switch over to alternative medicine when I knew little about it.

Now more than a year later, I am off my medications and my health and my athletic performance has improved significantly. During this process spending time with Dr. Meschi has educated me as to how the body works and how to make different food choices to reduce the risk of disease.

Recently, I broke a rib while riding my mountain bike and experienced extreme pain. Dr. Meschi was one of my first calls to make to see what could be done to accelerate the healing process. His new laser therapy reduced the pain by at least 20% at that visit. The only thing I have to gain by submitting this testimony is to gift someone else with the great care I received and to feel good!

Those on top of the mountain did not fall there:*

Jackie V.W.
Lake Forest, CA


I have been visiting Dr. Meschi for the past couple of months. Dr. Meschi was recommended to me by my chiropractor, Dr. Kowalik. If it was not for his recommendation I don’t think I would have ever decided to search for a naturopath to be visiting with him on regular bases. I have had the same health problems for the past eight years. I have been seen by all different sorts of doctors. Most of them never believed that there was something wrong with me. The only doctors that ever helped me were the ones that would not practice medicine the “traditional way”. I have been for years on experimental immunotherapy that in my opinion helped to relieve my organism quite a bit. That was in Europe. Here in the United States I visited a few times Homeopathic Pharmacy in Santa Monica, where I was given supplements to help fight Candida infection in my stomach. I believe the diagnosis was correct but to successfully finish the therapy I would have needed way more guidance (mainly when it comes to diet). Besides that I have spent numerous hours searching the internet for information about how to fight Candida, I have purchased Candida diet books, and studied people’s testimonials. I have tried many times to beat this problem myself and I was not successful, so when the opportunity came along I decided to pay Dr. Meschi a visit (not necessarily knowing what is going to follow, but I could feel that my health problems where piling up and I realized I could not go on like that forever). My experience with Dr. Meschi was so far only positive, everything that he discovered based on my blood tests, thermography, and food allergy test was explained to me many times over and over again so even I understand what exactly is going on with me, what are the connections between different organs, what is each supplement going to do and so on. He also recommended me to do the detox program for one year to relieve my body of toxins heavy metals, yeast and so on. I didn’t know what to expect but what I saw in my “bucket” after the first session was indescribable. Not only that you relieve your body off all that harmful stuff but you also feel great the day after. I have changed a lot about my lifestyle since I have first seen Dr. Meschi (stopped smoking, no fast food, no coke, no coffee), joined yoga classes and 24 hour fitness the only thing that keeps me from finally beating this is I believe lack of self control when it comes to diet. I would certainly recommend Dr. Meschi to everybody. I feel sorry for people who are suffering but unfortunately for them they don’t believe in alternative medicine. Me personally, I put alternative medicine without a doubt at first place, and by the way I believe that a lot of my health problems were multiplied (if not caused) by a numerous antibiotic treatments prescribed to me by “traditional doctors”.*

Editha K.


After 3 years of not feeling “quite” right and being very fatigued for no apparent reason, and told by 3 traditional doctors that all my tests came back just fine, I was very tired and frustrated. It was a relief to be told by Dr. Meschi that I was lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, that my hormone regulating organs were functioning on the very low end of normal, and that my body was having difficulty processing sugars. I’ve been following an eating pattern recommended by Dr. Meschi, as well as taking prescribed supplements to get my body functioning within a normal range. I’m a new patient to Dr. Meschi as I’ve been seeing him for about a month, but I can honestly say that I am on my way to feeling better. I no longer wake up feeling fatigued after sleeping 8 or 9 hours a night, and I no longer have to nap in the afternoon. I’m anxious to see how well I will feel as more time goes by.*

Luana K.


I believe in approaching one’s health naturally and sought out Dr. Meschi to help me with some developing issues. He was also able to help bring my health into balance over a six month period in 2003. Various tests, including blood panels, over these months showed the following improvements (plus more):

– Hypothyroidism normalized: TSH came down from a high of 22.78 into a normal range
– Blood sugar normalized: glucose went from a high of 188 to normal
– Blood pressure brought down from 170/ 87 to 140/ 70
– Sever anemia corrected as indicated by CBC*

Judith Z.
New York, NY


I was diagnosed with stage four head/neck Squamos Cell Cancer in August of 2003. The primary cell was located on my right lateral tonsil. An operation was recommended as soon as possible, or my life would come to a close within several years. My wife and I prayed God would lead, direct, and guide us as to what He wanted me to do.

Through a new acquaintances, in October we were referred to Dr. Meschi, a Naturopathic Physician who lived in California. To be honest, at the time my wife and I did not know what a Naturopathic physician was. After we researched, prayed, and talked with Dr. Meschi, I knew he was an answer to our prayers.

His positive and assuring attitude in being able to help, through proper nutrition and herbal supplements, brought peace of mind and hope to my family and me. My respect for him grew when he said he wanted to work with my oncologist in making me well. If I decided to have the operation, he wanted to be informed of all the test results. To me that is a man who is not afraid of competition and is comfortable in what he believes to benefit his patient.

Dr. Meschi is a physician who believes healing comes in three dimensions – body, soul, and spirit. Once he studied the outcome of my blood tests, he immediately prescribed some herbal supplements, placed me on organic foods and a sugar control diet, and suggested spiritual relaxation, or meditation of some sort. This was to aid in healing my damaged organs and digestive tract, build up my immune system, rid my body of cancer, and relieve any stress in my life.

Because my cancer was diagnosed as stage four, I opted for the operation to prevent the cancer from metastasizing. Therefore, my tonsil, part of my tongue, the surrounding tissue, and about thirty lymph nodes were removed on November 4. My throat was raw, making it impossible for me to eat much or take supplements for a week or so.

Several weeks after surgery, my oncologist highly suggested radiation and chemotherapy, or another surgery, to kill cancer cells that might still exist in my throat. After researching the effects of radiation and chemotherapy for head/neck cancer, I knew that was not for me since I had lost about twenty pounds and was slow in gaining strength. I decided to continue what Dr. Meschi prescribed and stayed in contact with him.

Within a short time of changing my diet and taking the herbal supplements, I could feel the difference in my body and system. For the first time in years, I began to eat onions, garlic, foods with tomatoes or spices, and fresh vegetables that I could not eat before because of poor digestion – the bloating, belching, etc. were gone. (This also made my wife happy since she like to cook different food.) I began to feel stronger and healthier.

It has been five months since I began to work with Dr. Meschi and had my surgery. I not only feel energetic, fit, and healthy, but people continue to say how great I look.

On April 5, 2004, I was given a clean bill of health from my surgeon. There were no signs of swollen lymph nodes or cancer activity in my throat or mouth. My next appointment will be in September.

Although the operation removed the obvious evidence of cancer from my throat and neck, I believe that a healthful diet, herbal supplements, and prayer brought total healing to my body.

Dr. Meschi is not only incredible holistic medicine practitioner with proper nutrition knowledge, but he is a man of great integrity who has an earnest desire to help his fellowman. He always showed great concern for me and was always available to answer the questions my wife and I had. Besides being a gentle and caring person who believes all things are possible with God, he is a highly skilled in Holistic Medicine.

Along with thanking our Father, we want to thank Dr. Meschi for his tireless efforts in educating us in healthful nutrition and natural supplements. Because of his dedication and input, my health has been restored. For this, my wife and I will be forever grateful.*

Mr. Tom F.
Mountain City, NV


In July of 2003 I discovered that there was a good possibility that I had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This came as a complete shock to me because I had always been healthy and lived a very active and healthy lifestyle. After learning that I may possibly have cancer, I started looking into alternative treatments to fighting cancer. I found Dr. Meschi through an e-mail group and began seeing him for detoxification treatments. I began with one to two treatments a week and eventually moved up to three times a week. I also began a new diet and supplement program that was monitored carefully by blood tests. I began the detoxification treatments before any other kind of treatments. After detoxification, I found that I felt better and had more energy. When I began chemotherapy at a cancer center, I found the detoxification treatments to be especially beneficial. I saw amazing results. Whenever I would have the detoxification, I would heal from the chemotherapy sessions much faster. I would be in complete pain before treatments and after the detoxification, the pain would completely subside. The proper diet and supplements also helped to keep my immune system levels up. We have been able to monitor my body systems through blood tests and attack any deficiencies through proper taking of the correct supplements. Dr. Meschi also prescribed a proper diet in order to keep my body in fighting shape. This also helped a great deal. I responded very quickly to all of my treatments (detoxification, supplements, diet, and chemotherapy). I feel that the detoxification along with the proper diet and supplements made a huge difference in my fight against cancer. I am now in remission and would highly recommend Dr. Meschi’s detoxification, diet, and supplemental program to anyone with cancer.*

Antonio B.
Simi Valley, Ca


Dr. Meschi

I have been taking Dr. Meschi’s program of supplementation and detoxification following a prescribed series of chemotherapy sessions for Lymphoma Cancer starting in August, 2004.

My medical Dr.’s progress note on 10/5/04 was as follow: “A dramatic resolution of changes involving his scalp with no indurations no heaped up skin and no tenderness.” MPRESSION:” no evidence of recurrent lymphoma which appears to be an indolent B-cell cutaneous lymphoma”. Dr. Juan G. M.D.*

Mr. Jose C.
Dana Point, CA


Dear Dr. Meschi,

Just wanted to let you know how it’s been going with my Testosterone transition. I have been on your Testosterone capsules for over two weeks now. Giving up the two pharmacy prescriptions I’ve been on for over 4 years was a concern…frankly I wasn’t sure I’d be able to swing the change. I want you to know that I have been off the 2 prescriptions for about 5 days and beginning to feel great. I may need to fine tune the amounts I’m taking daily, right now 3 per day seems to be working good. My Medical doctor assured me I’d be taking these two prescriptions ($500 per month) the rest of my life. Yes, there is a financial savings but the greatest benefit is taking a natural product without the harmful side effects I was experiencing with the RX prescriptions.

What a gift you have been to me and my family, I thank God for you and your amazing abilities. It’s too bad you don’t have an office here in Nashville, I could keep you busy with a host of referrals.

Thanking God for the gift of health,*

Les B.
Nashville, Tennessee


February 13 is as good a day as any to pick as pivotal. The night before, the neurosurgeon had shown me my brain scan featuring an oyster sized tumor. By all accounts he did an excellent job that afternoon of performing the intricate surgery to remove it. The next five days a pageant of doctors, chaplains, social workers, physical therapists and other professionals traipsed through my hospital room. The oncologist wrote out “adenocarinoma” for me. It took me another month to learn to pronounce it. I was hauled to assorted tests within the hospital, most involving radiation exposure. It was suggested that I outfit my house for my upcoming disabilities and start selling my assets. Assorted drugs with assorted side effects were pumped into me. I learned I had lung cancer but not much more.

Upon discharge an appointment had been scheduled for me in the medical buildings across the parking lot to start whole brain radiation (WBR). Through all this no one combed my hair, allowed me the basic hygiene of a bath, shower, or substitute or consulted with me about what choices or wishes I might have. My prized electric toothbrush had vanished in the hospital. My bones literally ached from one of the multiple drug side effects. I was drugged, filthy, horrified, terrified, ill and probably in shock.

My brother-in-law got me a list of best hospitals in the country while I was still in the hospital. I researched WBR as it applied to me and just said no. That was a start towards empowerment. Somehow I managed to stay calm, civilized and reasonable. I went home and cleaned myself. When I found that the tangled knots in my hair would need to be cut out was when I totally lost it. It wasn’t about the hair; I already knew I would loose it soon with chemo anyway. It was about everything. It was awhile before I became coherent. It was much longer before I started to feel empowered. Over the weeks my oncologist continued pressure to start WBR. Finally, my answer was to switch to a lung specialist oncologist at Cedars-Sinai. That was the one best thing I did.

That day in February everything about my life had changed. My plans and assumptions were shattered. My income completely stopped. My business immediately ended. Any sense of control I thought I had over my destiny vanished. I had stepped off the curb into a vast gulag peopled by the victims and survivors of cancer and those who love them. Unless you are one of the survivors behind whom the gate has locked you will never fully get it. Don’t ever say to one us: “I understand.” On the other hand, I think of the whole network as a big underground lake with boats filled by everyone who has been touched by cancer. As near as I can tell, that is most of us. The statistics are that one out of three people will die of cancer.

Two friends of three decades abandoned me. One of them never bothered to ask what was wrong with me. Knowing I was very ill was enough. There were a couple of smaller abandonments but far fewer than I expected. Far outweighing that were those people who drew me close to them the minute they knew. Obviously the word friend had been used entirely too loosely in the first place. Other friends, business customers, acquaintances and strangers have stepped up with amazing acts of kindness and generosity, each according to their own ability, with things I never would have asked or expected. I have been most grateful for and humbled by all of it, sometimes to the point of tears. I have received compassion, money, food, rishi treatments, research, phone calls, encouragement, elixirs, concert & theatre tickets, food, labor, discounts, a wig, a computer, hugs, books, cards in the mail, yoga treatments, vitamins, small and large acts of kindness and prayers. It has renewed my faith in the human condition. Ali Meshci at Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Colonel Dhansa at the Juice Works, acupuncturist Sue Yuan and Collette at Orga Spa have been invaluable, generously giving their time, expertise, compassion and friendship well above the call of duty.

It is ten months later. I am still alive and relatively healthy. I have survived two lines of chemotherapy, radiation to the bed of the brain tumor, another surgery, and 33 radiation sessions with accompanying severe skin burns, neuropathy and shingles. With all that have been assorted side effects that translate as short and long term damage. Yet, I am so far one of the very lucky ones. My energy levels are improving. I have had no symptoms from the cancer in my upper left lobe. I may yet beat the beast. I actually have a shot at a cure. My doctor and I are doing everything possible to expedite that.

Lung cancer is the number 1 killer of men and women. More people die of it than the next three cancers combined. As for my diagnosis, adenocarcinoma is not caused by smoking. If you are interested in showing compassion, know that it is at best rude to ask anyone with lung cancer that question. I am available in person, by phone or email to anyone who wants any help from me at all that I can give concerning the beast. I can be contacted through this magazine at www.costadoro@sbcglobal.net.

Note* The question of whether I smoked recently or at some time in the past is inevitable. The question is understandable. It makes the person who asked feel safe and allows them to distance themselves in good conscience while at the same time assigning blame to the victim. It is cruel. Know that 20% of victims never smoked, 40% didn’t smoke for decades and that regardless, no one deserves cancer.*

Marguerite D.
San Juan Capistrano


What does 1.4 cm mean to you?

1.4 cm can be a wonderful thing if it’s “oyster spit” (pearls) and it can be life changing if it’s the “c-word”.

In 1972, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, when I found my first lump in 1975, I was nervous to say the least. A trip to the family doctor resulted in a needle biopsy and being a “guinea pig” for his new mammogram machine.

When he asked if I minded if he brought a couple of interns in to watch, I innocently replied “on”. To my horror, at the ripe old age of 21, the room started to fill with gentlemen. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me a couple usually means 2 not 20, any one of which I would have rather seen at my front door on a Saturday night! So, there I am, Naked as the day I was born save for a paper drape across my lap. I could have died! With that, here h=came the crowd – all wanting a feel – boy did I wish the circumstances were different!

Every 6 months I went in to have the cyst drained. When I went in about a year and a half later they were unable to drain any fluid and it was suggested that I see a surgeon. I went in to see the surgeon that had performed my mother’s mastectomy. He saw me and 2 days later I was in the hospital scheduled for surgery.

In those days, you didn’t have a lumpectomy and then decide what to do later. I checked into the hospital the night before my surgery and was shaved, by a really cute male nurse with dimples, from my neck to my bellybutton. When I threatened him with bodily harm if I had black curly hair grow back in…he only smiled and replied that he thought that it would be fine. You may wonder how I could remember that after 30 years, but I will tell you, it was something I’ll never forget!

I went under anesthesia not knowing whether I would have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. I know that if everything was okay, the surgery would last about 3 hours and if it was cancer, the surgery would be about 8 hours. The first thing that I did when I came too enough to see, was to look for a clock – 3 hours – what a relief! I was a dance major at CSULB and with only one breast, I knew that my career would be over before it began.

During all this commotion with my right breast, I felt a very small area on my left breast, right at the edge of the areola that I brought to the attention of ALL of the doctors and I was told not to worry about it. That if it was anything to be concerned about, that it would show on a mammogram.

Thirty years ago, reconstruction was very different than it is today. It was really scary to be 22 – 23 and looking at having a mastectomy. Especially being skinny and wearing a leotard and tights every day…

Regular mammograms continued and in the late 1980’s I found another lump in my left breast. The original lump still has yet to show on a mammogram, but the new lump appears to be a cyst of some type.

“Okay, let’s get it out of there” was the battle cry and while you’re at it, take this other one out of there too! I think that it’s growing. “No, it doesn’t show on the mammogram…”

So, out-patient surgery was scheduled and the lump was removed, everything was fine and I went on about my life dutifully having my mammograms and asking doctor after doctor why I can feel this thing growing and why is it getting so painful and why doesn’t it show on a mammogram?

July 2002, here comes my 30-year high school reunion! I have new insurance and another new doctor. I schedule an appointment, at this point, I am in so much paint that I am ready to take a kitchen knife and cut this thing out myself! NOT REALLY – but close! He agrees to schedule a mammogram, this time with an ultra sound.

Once again, nothing shows on the mammogram. At first, the person doing the ultra sound can’t find anything and I suggest that he go and get his supervisor. She couldn’t seem to find it either and at this point I’m starting to get a little irritated. “Why is it that I can feel this thing and you can’t find it???” Finally, after what felt like an eternity, between the 2 of them – Eureka! “Oh honey, that’s just a cyst. I wouldn’t worry about that. Why don’t you wait and come back in 6 months.” I want this thing out and I want it out NOW!” “I think that you should wait. I will have to put down in the records that you had an abnormal mammogram.” If you don’t write in the records whatever you need to, so that I can have surgery, I will call Gloria Allred and I’m sure that she would be happy to see you in court!”

I can be a little feisty at times – what can I say! This is when my story would have had a complete change, if only I had known about Dr. Meschi!

August 2002, surgery is scheduled, the day before my high school reunion! I found out that afternoon that the thing that I felt growing and the thing that never showed on any mammogram was – CANCER! Can I have a cocktail please!

I sat down with the counselor at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital, Sandy Finestone, and listened dutifully to all that she had to say, but, all I could think of was – how did I end up here?

I saw the only oncologist that was covered by my insurance. What a nightmare! She started barking orders like a drill sergeant. You will do this, that and whatever. I said I don’t think so and stormed out the door.

The aftermath of the lumpectomy was not a pretty picture. The surgeon did a nice job, except that now I was two different cup sizes. Off to find a plastic surgeon…

I met with my first plastic surgeon. He told me that he couldn’t make me symmetrical due to the shape of my breasts and really thought that I should have radiation treatments.

My surgeon was after me to have radiation treatments and now the plastic guy! Bummer! I was concerned because my breast had a “fever”. It had been warm to the touch since the original surgery. I really didn’t want treatments to do radiation; I would have rather had a mastectomy with reconstruction. The problem was not the removing – the problem was the putting back together! My surgeon and the plastic surgeon both convinced me (along with 3 other plastic surgeons) that having a lumpectomy and radiation was the same as having a mastectomy and that I would be fine. So against my better judgment, I went and consulted with a radiation oncologist.

December 2002, the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I went to Hoag and met with one of their radiation oncologists. He was wonderful and spent hours with me. I was still apprehensive about having radiation treatments and against everything I felt, I started radiation treatments in January of 2003.

I had extreme side effects from the radiation including; nausea, vomiting, chills, blisters in the treatment area with green puss, coughing up green mucous, vertigo, thrush and nerve pain in the treatment area and shoulder. I ended up suffering with the vertigo for 4 years and still have shoulder pain (2009). I never thought that I would aspire to become a human pincushion, but I never would have made it through all the treatments with our acupuncture. After all of the treatments were completed, I was talking with the doctor and I mentioned that the side effects that I had were so much more than what most people had, that I felt that I had made the right decision about not submitting to chemotherapy. He agreed and told me that the chemo probably would have killed me!

Back to the search for a plastic surgeon…

I was seen by 3 other plastic surgeons and now my problem had been magnified by the fact that I had had radiation. I was no longer a good candidate for an implant. My breast was hard and was still warm to the touch.

November 2006, it’s time for the MRI. The only good thing about having the radiation now I get MRI’s instead of mammograms! Yeah! No more squeezing!

Bad news – the area that we thought was fat necrosis from radiation is growing and another surgical biopsy is done. The original tumor had been 1.4 cm and now the tumor is over 6 cm and my oncologist tells me that radiation has been shown to cause recurrent cancer in women who make keloids when they heal from surgery. Well isn’t that just peachy? Why didn’t someone ask me how I heal? So her I went and did what I was told to do and something that I didn’t want to do in the first place and now I find out that it most likely caused the cancer to return! It just keeps getting better!

My new oncologist tells me to have a mastectomy and have a shunt put in for chemo and I said – “NO”!

Here I am AGAIN looking at being one-boobed! One of the plastic surgeons that I had consulted with previously had mentioned a type of surgery that they are doing at UCLA. A friend of mine who’s a nurse made some phone calls and found Dr. J. Festekjian. I went in for a consultation and was, under the circumstances, excited. He would do a procedure called a “DIEP Flap”.

During this procedure, one team of surgeons performs the mastectomy and his team harvests the fad and a blood supply from the abdomen. Then they build a new breast mound and reattach the blood supply. It’s massive surgery – but hey – I get a tummy tuck out of the deal!

Then his assistant, Jeani Primes, asked if I would mind filming an episode of “Plastic Surgery: Before and after” for the Discovery Health Network? So we did…and they filmed about 20 hours for about 15 minutes. Before interviews, the surgery and after interviews! The episode started airing in April of 2007.

Surgery was scheduled for February 14th 2006. Now, I don’t know about you – but I can think of a zillion other ways that I would rather spend Valentine’s Day, than having surgery! But, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do! At least I had the film crew to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although the tumor was large, there was no evidence of it having spread to the chest wall and the surgeons removed the top layer of muscle tissue to make sure. Upon microscopic review of the tissue, everything looked fine and Dr. Festekjian made a beautiful new breast. Reconstructive techniques are getting better all the time. Gifted surgeons, like Dr. Festekjian, are making huge differences in the lives that they touch and rebuild.

While I was in the hospital at UCLA, I noticed a small lump up by the armpit. When I mentioned this to Dr. Festekjian, he said that sometimes that fat necrosis occurs due to the fact that all of the blood supply for the fat has been disturbed and that he wouldn’t worry about it. He really felt that all would be fine.

Then I had a follow up MRI with a new oncologist who was concerned about the way that these areas presented on the MRI. Although they agreed that fat necrosis would appear the same way, they wanted a surgical biopsy.

Surgery was scheduled at UCLA in April of 2007; I was told that I have breast cancer of the lymph system of the skin. I understand that what I have is extremely rare and is considered by western medicine to be “incurable”.

December 2007, PET and CT Scans were done and revealed that my bone marrow reaction was indicative of the cancer spreading. My oncologist suggested Faslodex.

Here we go again with symptoms outside of the “normal” reaction: vertigo, vomiting, and 10 alarm bladder infection, all within about 20 minutes of being injected. Needless to say, I didn’t do that again, once was enough?

We tried Arimadex – 1/4 of one pill – here we go AGAIN…ENOUGH! My oncologist told me that he had nothing to give me and wished my luck………….he gave me about 12 months.

May 2008, I saw Dr. Meschi. In December we decided to repeat PET and CT scans. They reveal that my bone marrow is now clean. The lymph node that highlighted on the previous scan doesn’t show. The general up-takes are lower and the blood markers are coming down.

Thanks to Dr. Meschi, we have been able to keep the cancer contained to the breast skin on the left side and away from the chest wall

I am still in a major fight for my very life – but for the first time – we are beginning to win the skirmishes and I have real hope for winning the war.

Now, armed with another new oncologist that respects alternative medicine and Dr. Meschi, I find myself walking a fine line between traditional western and holistic medicines. Fortunately, I have been able to find doctors that are open and willing to work together and think way “outside the box” to help me find a cure.

If I’d known about Dr. Meschi – I would have seen him in the first place and have no doubt that I would be done with the whole mess. My biggest regret is that I didn’t know him in 2002. If I had seen him first, well, let’s just say that I know without a doubt, my story would be different.

Fear is not an option – only hope. Hope that stories like mine will someday be a thing of the past.*

Wendy L.
Lake Forest, CA

June 28,2012


I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Meschi after a misdiagnosed appendicitis nearly took my life. Luckily I made it through the surgery but endured a couple of years with numerous health issues that Dr’s could just not diagnose. I had wanted to get pregnant but the health of my body and the medication I was on made for a hostile environment for a baby to grow in and the chances of becoming pregnant was low. Once committing to Dr. Meschi’s alternative therapy, it first took several months for my body to get back into a healthy state of well-being. I followed the instructions of Dr. Meschi that included a healthy diet and supplementation. Finally I was given the “all-clear” to conceive and within the first month of trying, I got pregnant. To assure everything was under control I maintained the “Meschi Menu” of supplements and during my pregnancy, I was in the best health, physically and emotionally. My baby was also reaping the benefits of all the delicious natural nutrients I was adding to my body under Dr. Meshi’s guidance. I carried my baby full term, and then some……he wasn’t in any hurry to make his appearance, understandably, he was well fed, warm and happy! During delivery, we did have a hard time getting him to come out, he was a little bigger than my body could contend with, however after some gentle persuasion and a lot of pushing, he made his grand entrance. He was a healthy 8lb 6oz baby boy! Owen is a “Meshi miracle”, he is the happiest, healthiest child one could ever care to meet. He is a product of all the great supplementation and dedication Dr. Meschi provided to me and to him and a true testament of how amazing alternative supplementation is to your body and how it can truly change your life for the better
I am forever thankful to Dr. Meschi for everything he has done for me and the safe arrival of Owen.”*
Pamela L.

Trabuco, Canyon, Ca


September 24, 2010

This is me riding my motorcycle for the first time since my medical doctors gave me months to live due to cancer and multiple surgery’s.

Out of desperation I went to see Dr. Meschi from a recommendation of a lady I met. When I went to see him I could not stand at the counter long enough to pay. I was on home health care because I was deemed home bound. The ONLY time I would leave my room/house was to go see Dr. Meschi.

My last visit with my medical Doctors showed a complete turn around in my health. My liver, kidneys are functioning normal now. I am no longer anemic and the cancer rating in my blood has been cut in half! All this in a mere six weeks of treatment from Dr. Meschi. I had been fighting this battle for two years and have been getting worse and worse now I am turning around and am on the right track! Myself and especially my three children thank Dr. Meschi!

I was skeptical at first and didn’t really want to invest the effort or the money to get on his program….but I did! Here I am going for a ride and beginning to enjoy life again thanks to Dr. Meschi.*

Paul G.
Mission Viejo, CA


September 17, 2012

When I first came in to see Dr. Meschi, it wasn’t so much for my health as it was my problems with fertility. So I thought. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for awhile when I was told I had a complex ovarian cyst that could be hindering our chances of having a baby. The doctor suspected endometriosis but only surgery could confirm it. If that is what it was, it wasn’t a guarantee that my symptoms wouldn’t return after surgery. That wasn’t good enough for me. This is when I decided to visit Dr. Meschi. It was the best decision I could have ever made. Why? Well, for starters, I didn’t realize that I was anemic and borderline hypoglycemic. My adrenal glands were not working properly and my energy level was low beginning from the time I woke up. I thought I always ate healthy but didn’t realize that I was not eating the right foods for me.

In less than two months, almost all of my symptoms have completely disappeared. I no longer have the painful feeling in my pelvic region, which felt like “fire in the belly!” My spotted bleeding between my menstrual cycles is gone. I can honestly say I yawn a lot less throughout the day than I did before.

The reason I came in to see Dr. Meschi was because I wanted a baby but what I got out of it was so much more. I wasn’t even healthy enough to carry a child. Now I feel ready and excited for the next chapter in our lives. Will keep you posted…

With my sincere gratitude,*

Anna F.
Huntington Beach, CA



Dear Dr. Meschi,


This thank you is long overdue. Thanks for all you have done for me. Your professionalism, expertise, and caring attitude are remarkable and have been consistent over the years. These qualities are not always found in doctors. I also deeply appreciate the fact that you have been so willing to help me, while I do not live in California.


It’s hard to believe you have been working with me for eight years. In the beginning, it was to clean up yeast, fungus, and parasites found in my blood and to help with my digestive issues. Thanks to you, organic foods, and supplements I have more energy now being in my mid-sixties, than I did in my twenties.


But more recently, you detected from the results of my blood work that something might be wrong. You asked if I had felt a lump in my pelvic area. I told you I didn’t feel anything growing and that I had felt fine. In the end, your prognoses were right on target!


In March 2012, tumors were discovered through a pelvic exam. After a MRI and cat-scan, an operation was performed. Both ovaries were removed with each one having a grapefruit-size cyst, not tumors as expected. For me, this was surprising to hear since I had felt nothing growing! Thankfully, they were benign.


I learned that cysts, or tumors, can grow silently and give no indication they are present, until a woman feels a lump or it is detected through a pelvic exam. Now, I also realize they may be detected through blood work.


Dr. Meschi, I stand in amazement regarding your ability to diagnose a growth just based on blood work. I know it took years of studying and applying what you learned, but your diligence turned out to be a “gift” for people like me. In my opinion, this ability far surpasses what other doctors can do.


Thank you for your years of determination and your readiness and availability in helping me to be the healthiest woman I can be.*


Thanking the Lord for leading me to you,

Lorraine F.



Psoriasis Before & After*

Mike C.


Tustin, CA



I have been a patient of Dr. Meschi for two years now due to Stage 2 highly aggressive and Invasive DCIS (breast cancer) in my right breast.  I know I would not be enjoying my life, if it were not for your guidance, care, supplements, treatments, monitoring my progress and whole body detoxification.  I cannot imagine anybody going through a conventional war against cancer treatments without the help of an integrative health  care practitioner like you.

I had a laser breast mastectomy with some of my lymph node removed in New York on May 2014. Surprisingly, It was an out patient procedure with no hospital stay.  I was able to walk around, go out to eat and return to my bed hours after the laser mastectomy.  I had no pain and was not even prescribed pain medications.  I was able to stay at a nearby hotel and after two days of follow-up with the surgeon, I was able to  fly back home in Southern California.

I know that my immune system was strong before, during the procedure and is now, as I’ve been able to heal as fast as I am healing because of your on-going care.  Within 3-4 weeks, I was able to re-gain 99% of the strength and movement in my arm that had my lymph nodes removed WITHOUT any physical therapy I highly recommend the laser procedure for any breast cancer patient.

What is even more amazing is that before my mastectomy, the ultrasounds showed that my highly invasive breast lump was approximately 5 cm, but after your treatments, you were able to shrink it to 3 cm.  Dr. Meschi, you are amazing and I am so blessed to have found such a knowledgeable, wonderful and compassionate doctor and friend in this whole process.*

Sokha P.
Fullerton, CA
August 1, 2014



I wanted to thank Dr. Meschi and his staff for the wonderful care and I receive.  The minute you walk the door you are greeted with a warm hello, and the staff is both professional and personal.  They are always available for your questions, and they take the time needed to answer them thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Dr. Meschi is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable, always looking for solutions for your individual needs.  He works with each patient personally, catering to their specific needs.
I had been under the care of another physician who was dealing with my hormonal and menopausal issues.  I wasn’t comfortable with synthetic or hormone replacement therapy, and I wanted to find a different approach.  Dr. Meshchi has put me on a holistic path and has been working with me to curb my symptoms.  He always listens and is willing to address and work with your specific concerns one on one.  I find him to be an excellent practitioner and I am so happy that I found him.  I would recommend this office to anyone who wants to feel better, and is looking for a plan for lifelong vitality.  Prevention is key and he is on the cutting edge of holistic medicine.*

Debra S.

Laguna Hills, CA



I believe for me, Dr. Meschi has been my health lifesaver!
My dear friend Sheri highly recommended that I speak with Dr. Meschi.  Although I no longer live in OC area, I was so glad to hear that he treats/ consults with patients all over the world via phone, email, etc!  I am in Northern California. He reviewed my medical background,  ordered some blood tests and urine.  I had my first phone consult in Dec. 2014. In which he basically said I was a mess…(  I totally agreed ,  hormones, thyroid issues , digestive problems, urinary, kidney)  I think the most “light bulb moment” for me was when Dr. Meschi  said “While medical doctors try to treat symptoms and  then  diseases… . I view the body as a whole, rather than the sum of its parts, and address causes rather than symptoms, a whole body approach to health.” Right away I knew that I was in good hands!  January 2015 I began following his nutritional program. It has literally been 14 days following my personalize protocol. I can only say WOW! What a huge difference already, and I look forward to 4-6 weeks into the program. Thank you so much Sheri and Dr. Meschi !*
Amy W.

Loomis, CA



I have been going to Dr. Meschi for about 3 years.  When I received my lab work results for the very first time I was a little scared of what was in front of me. So I put my trust in Dr. Meschi and I knew if I did what he asked me to do, I would get better.  Needless to say, I was a mess!  Within a month I began to feel better.  After 2 months I began my detoxing and what a difference. Months 3-7 were just as good so I figured everything was perfect and back to normal. So of course, I stopped going. Dumb move on my part. Within a year, I was right back where I started. I didn’t take very good care of myself over that year, so what did I do?  I went back in to start the process all over again. After a little scolding, lol, Dr. Meschi got me back on track and feeling better. I continue to see him. He is a phenomenal Doctor!!  I refer everyone I know to him because he genuinely cares about getting you healthy.

That isn’t the main reason for this review. Dr. Meschi had done so much for me so naturally when my 5 year old Rottweiller, Tank, began having multiple seizures per day, I had to turn to him for advice. I had spent over $3000 in tests to “get to the bottom” of the seizure. My girlfriend Karyn (who also sees Dr. Meschi) spent hours researching the cause of seizures.  We changed foods, tried multiple seizure medications, etc. nothing worked!!!  3 different Vets and one neurologist, all came to the same conclusion: epilepsy.  I just couldn’t buy that. A perfectly healthy dog that ate the best food on the market, exercises, and has never had a single problem, all of the sudden has epilepsy.  When Tank had 3 seizures in 30 hours and a week later had 1 a day for 3 straight days, I thought I would take a chance and see if Dr. Meschi had any advice.  Well, he did. He asked for Tank’s current blood work and after reviewing it, he put Tank on a regimen just like he did with me. It has been almost 7 months since his last seizure.  Dr. Meschi easily could have said he doesn’t treat animals, but that is not him!!  He doesn’t care if you have 2 legs or 4, he truly wants his patients to get better!!! Every time I go into the office he asks how Tank is doing, as does the entire staff. Everyone there truly cares about your well being.  Thank you Dr. Meschi, Sherri and Julie!!*

Jim D.

Lake Forest, CA



I love Dr. Meschi.
Myself, my Daughter, Mother, and Granfmother all go to him, along with others I have referred to him.He is direct, on point, and knows what he is talking about. but not only that he actually cares about you, he cares of every patient that walks through those office doors. He has a verity of treatments that I personally have done due to my condition and he was always making our schedules meet knowing the importance of them and for me. I can say without Dr. Meschi I would have been lost and not feeling as good as I do now. And for my Family all incas say is that my daughter calls him Grandpa Meschi and knows he always makes her feel better. My Mother was on strong synthetic hormones after her full hysterectomy and after seeing Dr. M she felt better than ever and all she does now is religiously sticks with his recommendations and organic Supplements. My Grandmother started seeing Dr. Meschi when she was diagnosed with terminal liver Cancer and the Other Doctors wanted her to start the cocktails of Chemo. Well she in her heart was obviously nervous and started seeing Dr.Meschi first to build of the needed areas in immunity, thyroid, blood,  energy, ECT….
Sticking with the Meschi she could feel pains releasing, energy levels going up, making her thyroid perfect after she had been on medication after medications for years to help and never did to see Dr. M
Did I mention that when my Grandma found this all out they told her she only had 3 months to live!!! Anyways working with Meschi her numbers were improving  and as the Doctors at her oncologist kept scaring her and getting it to her head “she’s not fighting hard enough if you don’t do the chemo” (ARE THEY SERIOS!!!) well she decided to go for it and that’s when it all turned even though there was still good progress. Ok ok ok I could go on and on my point is that my Family and I thank Dr. Meschi changing the 3 month to a year and 4 months and we feel so blessed to have found Dr. Meschi not only for ourselves but for our Beautiful Grandmother/ Mother.

I personally know how people get worried about Alternative Medicine being pricey through the months and maybe want to give up the first month or two but I can promise if you stay strong and put yourself first and communicate with Dr.Meschi personally you will starts to feel a huge difference and a weight lifted off, As long as you stay Committed :)*

Thank you

Mae H.

Dana Point, CA


Dr. Meschi became a naturopath after healing himself of cancer through natural means that he researched on his own.   He currently helps many people with cancer whose MD’s have basically told them there’s no treatment possible.

He formulates most of the supplements he prescribes, and they work for me as no others ever have.  He is constantly researching to find the best herbs and food-based supplements available to help people.   He also has a very safe detox system that is like a visit to the spa!

In addition to his great depth and breadth of knowledge in holistic and functional medicine, Dr. Meschi is extremely caring about all his patient .  I have recommended him to family and friends with great results.

An extra bonus is the office staff, who are also very caring and knowledgeable.  Everyone there is warm and welcoming.

If you are looking for a brilliant, caring, and highly skilled doctor, you will find one in Dr. Ali Meschi.   Here’s to your health!


Before I went to Dr. Meschi, I didn’t know how I was going to keep working (as a teacher).  Thanks to his treatment plan, I was able to improve my health condition beautifully.  Four years later I’m still going strong.  I have also written a more detailed review at Dr. Meschi’s business website, Alternative & Complementary Medicine.*

Marilyn P.

Lake Forest, CA


This review is overdue!  I have been seeing Dr. Meschi now for 4 years and, from day one of his treatment, I started to feel better. I had previously been under the care of a different holistic practice, and, despite taking their prescribed bio-identical hormones and supplements for several years, I was getting worse.  Even more frustrating, they told me repeatedly that my blood test results showed I was fine.

I discovered Dr. Meschi thanks to a coworker who had received great help from him for an intestinal bacterial condition that regular MD’s had not been able to help her with.  I  had numerous symptoms:   no energy at all, very poor digestion and memory, extremely low blood sugar and blood pressure, flaky skin & scalp that were getting worse, hair loss, depression.  I did not know how I could continue working (I teach elementary school kids).  Dr. Meschi also found blood in my urine.

Fortunately, after analyzing all my lab work, Dr. Meschi prescribed a plan of supplementation that immediately had me feeling better.  I was dumbfounded and amazed.  Again, I had been on a plan of supplements & bio-identical hormones with the other folks & never felt any difference or improvement!  Over time, every one of my symptoms improved greatly or disappeared entirely.*