Functional Medicine (Personalized Medicine) Approach to deal with primary prevention and underlying root causes of diseases.

Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Inc. offers Functional Medicine based nutritional counseling, not just the symptoms.  I deem clinically necessary to address both acute and chronic health conditions. It is my belief that proper diet and lifestyle habits are the foundation of optimal health, and play a therapeutic role in healing from all kinds of health challenges.

My approach to wellness has always been to thoroughly analyze the molecules circulating in the body’s fluids (bloodstream, urine, saliva), to identify nutritional deficiencies and correct imbalances. This is done not only for our local clients, but also those who seek our help from around the nation.

Using information from both conventional and alternative testing methods such as blood test, urine, saliva, and stool as well as scans, ultrasounds and any other test results (already in a client’s health file from their respected medical doctors), I’m able to determine a patient’s nutritional deficiencies and/or excesses.

I believe in using non-diagnostic but highly informative test analyses, because clients benefit the most when we can track their progress in black and white, using methodology that all healthcare professionals can understand and agree upon. This creates another dimension of credibility to my relationships with my clients, because their conventional doctors are able to confirm my nutritional therapy’s effectiveness and safety by reviewing “before and after “lab results.

There may be a time when a client must have an antibiotic and then another time when a client needs to learn how to avoid drugs (per their respected doctor’s permission), especially as a first line of defense and/or preventative medicine.

Why I use blood, saliva or urine chemistry analyses:

To help me understand which nutritional products are appropriate for your individual needs

To help implement programs designed to support your body in returning to its natural healthy state

To provide early detection of possible developing life-threatening health conditions

To help you avoid spending money on products that may not be necessary, and may possibly be harming you

To provide an inexpensive, non-invasive way to track the results of your nutritional program, chart the program’s effectiveness, make adjustments and share important health information with your medical doctors

To help balance your whole body chemistry values within the optimum functional ranges, enabling your whole system to function better; assisting your body to process and absorb nutrients more efficiently; and hopefully facilitating you in achieving a more vibrant state of health

Our Products:
My supplements are unlike most products found commonly in market places.
They are 100% plant based, organic, and naturally contain balanced amounts of easily digestible, complex and synergistic nutrients.
The producers of the raw ingredients in my supplements have been carefully researched and selected for their efficacy and purity. These products are not mass-produced, never warehoused and contain no GMOs materials. They’re free of solvents, pesticides, chemicals, fillers, flowing agents, etc., and most importantly, they do not contain any synthetic chemicals. These supplements have been proven to be safe and effective, both objectively and subjectively, through blood, saliva and urine testing.
A. Meschi PhD, FBCIM
Fellow Board Certified Integrative Medicine



**Dr. Meschi is not a Medical Doctor, nor practices medicine, ha has extensive training in Integrative medicine, he is a medical nutritional consultant, and his services are alternative or complementary to healing art services licensed by the state.