Anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, ADHD

Dr. Meschi believes in an inside-out approach to healing the body. One of those components is the mind. The mind and body work in tandem to establish and maintain well-being. When one is out of balance, both are compromised as a result. One of the aspects of Dr. Meschi’s care is addressing the mind, specifically the endocrine system, nutritionally while supporting the body as well. For those looking for relief from the physical impact of daily life, the massage therapists within Dr. Meschi’s office have many years of experience in relieving strain and stresses by trigger point pain therapy and other modalities. By combining both outside-in with inside-out healing ideologies, clients enjoy both physical and mental well-being improvements to thrive.

To find out if mind/body therapy is right for you, come on and schedule a free initial consultation with me. During this, we will talk about you and determine how we can support you.

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