Safely Detoxifying Your Body After Proper Nutritional Support

I have designed what I consider to be the most safe, effective, non-invasive protocol for ridding your body of decades of disease-causing toxins, viruses, fungi and other harmful substances (excess estrogen, heavy metals, etc.). Unlike quick-fix methods that can be dangerous as well as ineffective in the long-term, my approach to detoxification is gradual, working with your body’s own physiology to eliminate toxins and restore balance.

Whether you’re seeking to heal from a degenerative disease (such as arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis) have cancer, symptoms of hormonal imbalance (hot flashes, mood swings, etc.), weight loss or gain problems, a digestive disorder or are interested in achieving a more optimal state of health, read on.

If you’re looking to restore nutritional balance to your body, rid it of harmful toxins, and just plain feel better, it is wise to consider improving your health through safe, gradual, nutritionally supported detoxification.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Inc. is a proven leader in preventive medicine, and dedicated to continual client education in holistic health. Our unique approach to wellness includes rigorous research; science-based, safe and effective nutrition; and the use of new technologies and treatment modalities proven to improve health. We’re committed to facilitating your body in the gradual and effective elimination of toxins, without causing many of the problems brought about by quick fixes such as colonics, coffee enemas, 2-week flushes, etc.

Let me explain. The average, healthy person takes in four times as many toxins as the body can eliminate. It’s true. Every day from the day you were born, your body has been absorbing toxins from air, food and water. These toxins come in many forms: heavy metals, fungi, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, excess hormones, drugs, yeast, and yes, even non-whole food vitamins and supplements which your body is unable to digest and utilize. The body’s elimination organs – the liver, kidneys, colon and skin – can’t possibly keep up.

Once your elimination organs are stressed from toxins, these organs become less effective in eliminating them, and your body can take in up to ten times as many toxins as it can eliminate.

These toxins then back up in your body and start entering systems they’re not supposed to enter, such as the nervous, skeletal, muscular and lymph systems, having detrimental effects on the brain, bones, breasts, etc. This situation can cause disease, as well as premature aging, with symptoms such as frequent illnesses, lack of energy, aches and pains, digestive problems, failing memory, kidney and bladder problems, stiffness and arthritis. Before long, more serious health problems surface, such as cancer, osteoporosis, and hardening of the arteries.

So what can be done to rid the body of these health-threatening toxins? Detoxification. But detoxifying the body poses one of the most difficult challenges to achieving optimal health. Standard or even so-called quick fix detoxification methods that attempt to get all the decades-old toxins out ASAP, like in two weeks or a lunch break, are not safe or effective. This approach is ill advised, as it will risk the dangerous spread of overloaded and congested toxins to other organs, as well as to the blood stream.

Toxins stored in the lymph system and in fat cells need to be loosened before they can be eliminated. Also, before toxins can be removed from the body, the elimination organs need to be prepared (strengthened) so that they can perform their jobs properly. If they are not strengthened, the toxins released during the detoxification program will have no way of getting out of the body. Dormant toxins – bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc. – can then actually be released back into your body. This increases the load on elimination organs, and causes toxins to move to other parts of the body previously unaffected by them. It’s like trying to vacuum a room with an overstuffed vacuum bag. The bag rips, throwing dust and debris all over the carpet, the furniture, and into the air – a real mess. Most detoxification techniques, such as juicing, fasting and colon therapy do not include a loosening and strengthening process, and may end up harming your body.

Introducing, a New, Safer, Professionally Monitored, 4-Step Detoxification Program
After years of experience working with chronically ill and cancer clients, including my own successful holistic healing from cancer, I realized that quick fix approaches could do more harm than good. After years of research and clinical study, I’ve developed what I think is the best detoxification program available. It consists of four steps:

Step 1: Strengthening the Liver, Kidneys, Colon and Other Elimination Organs
The detoxification process starts by thoroughly analyzing and supporting your elimination organs. Through a comprehensive health review which includes the ordering and analysis of blood, urine and saliva tests, as well as other testing methods and considerations, I then recommend non-toxic, whole-food supplements to be taken before, after and during your detoxification program for the support and strengthening of your elimination organs.

Step 2: Loosening Toxins Stored in the Lymph System
Given today’s sedentary, overly stressful lifestyles, the lymph system often doesn’t have much movement, resulting in the build-up of toxins there. (As a result, lymphatic cancers are on the rise.) In order to increase circulation and oxygenation of this critical elimination system, allowing lymphatic toxins to release gradually and safely into the body, I’ve incorporated this important loosening phase into my detoxification program.

Step 3: Releasing Toxins Trapped inside Fat Cells
Fatty tissue holds on tight to heavy metal toxins, excess cancer causing hormones, etc. These toxins become the perfect hosts for bacteria, yeast, fungi, candida, viruses, parasites and other micro-organisms. In order to assist the fat tissues in letting go of these toxins, I’ve integrated a time-tested, safe and effective (subjectively, as well as objectively) method: a 35-minute infrared sauna. The heat from the sauna dilates blood vessels causing the slow release of toxins into the circulatory system, temporarily. The sauna experience is calm and relaxing, providing a welcome respite from stress.

Step 4: Eliminate Toxins from the Body through Ion Exchange, Just Like a Day in a Very Rich Soil and Therapeutic Hot Spring.
The final and all-important step in the detoxification process is to get the small amount of released toxins out of your body. It is a somewhat complex and scientific process, but if you remember that opposites attract, you’ll understand the basics of ion exchange. During this step, your feet are placed in a tub of negatively charged water. Toxins in your body are positively charged, and the ions in the fluid draw the toxins out of your body. When you’re done, you actually can see the toxins that have just been released. The various colors, sediments, foam, etc. tell me what kinds of toxic burdens your body is fighting. After a series of treatments, and most importantly seeing the indisputable improvement in you blood tests, etc., you’ll be convinced of your steady progress towards a healthier you.

There is NO other safe and effective, whole body, detoxification program I know of that is as comprehensive and effective as this protocol I have designed.

With other quick fix detoxification methods (colon therapy, two-week flushes, enemas, etc.), there is always a high risk of reabsorption of toxins. And none of these methods supports the elimination organs or remove the toxins safely and effectively.

Future blood tests and urine analyses will give further evidence of the reduction of toxins in your body and your progress towards balanced health.

Who needs to detoxify? People who are challenged by health conditions, of course – but seemingly healthy people can take advantage of detoxifying as a preventive method before they see signs of degenerative disease. It’s actually much easier to rid the body of toxins before they are deep in the lymph system and bones, joints, arteries, brain, etc. When you make the pro-active decision today to embrace a preventive medicine approach to healing and wellness, you have a much better chance of avoiding and preventing future pain, suffering, inconvenience and expense.

Of course, the best detoxification results are only possible when the body is supported with optimal living source whole food nutrients, as well as healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.

Yours in Good Health, A. Meschi, PhD, CNC, BCIM

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